Rugby Outreach Activities

Rugby Outreach Activities

My rugby outreach activities consist of visiting hospitals, preschools, retirement homes, and international school. In my visits, I give out rugby balls as presents in the hopes of sharing my passion for the sport with as many people as I can. Through rugby, I hope to spread a sense of excitement and happiness in the community.

I plan to collaborate with the Kitakyushu Rugby Association in my hometown of Kitakyushu to vitalize the rugby scene in the region. I also have a dream of “teaching rugby in developing countries as an active player”, so I intend to expand my outreach efforts at an international level as well.

I believe that I can inspire people in a way that can only be done as an “active rugby player”. I hope to spark interest in rugby among a larger audience and hopefully share the feelings of courage and joy that I have felt through my experiences with sport.