Born 1993. Grew up in Tobata Ward, Kita-kyushu City, Fukuoka. Began playing rugby in the 1st grade. He led his team to a championship title at the National Junior Rugby Tournament as captain of his middle school team. He won three consecutive championship titles at Higashi Fukuoka in the National High School Rugby Tournament. He led the team to an undefeated record in official matches as captain of team during his third year. He attended Tsukuba University and earned his teaching license while also continuing to play rugby. Selected as a U-20 representative for Japan’s national team. Transferred to the SH position in his second year. Upon graduating from Tsukuba, he joined Toyota Industries Corporation and played for their team, the Toyota Industries Shuttles for three years before leaving the company. A crowdfunding effort allowed him take the challenge of playing overseas, and he set off for New Zealand. After returning to Japan in 2020, he personally contacted the Sunwolves to join their training team. Through his efforts, he was able to earn a contract deal and made his debut in the Super Rugby League.

Outside of rugby, he has played an active role in giving lectures, participating in charity events, visiting schools and hospitals, attending fan club gatherings, and conducting English conversation classes. He has used social media as a platform to broadcast these activities to a wider audience. He has also made a concerted effort to take part in social services, rugby outreach, and in SDGs (sustainable development goals).He is currently a teamless rugby player working as an intern at Rugger Man Carrier, a company that helps rugby student athletes to find work.

Takahiro Kimura

Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Date of Birth:
December 9, 1993
Height: 172 cm/Weight: 83 kg
Higashi Fukuoka High School →Tsukuba University
National Team
U-18 high school representative for Japan
2000 Sayagatani Rugby School
2009 Higashi Fukuoka High School
2012 Tsukuba University
2016 Toyota Industries Shuttles
2018 Studied abroad in New Zealand
2019 Sunwolves
2021 Coca-Cola Red Sparks


Attended Sayagatani Rugby School from 1st grade through middle school. Won the National Junior Rugby Tournament title as captain of his middle school team. Attended rugby powerhouse Higashi Fukuoka for high school. Played the flanker position on the starting lineup as a first year, won three consecutive titles at National High School Rugby Tournament, and led the team as captain with an undefeated 79-0 record during his third year. Selected as a U-18 representative for Japan’s national team.

Began attending Tsukuba University in 2012 Selected as a U-20 representative for Japan’s national team in his second year at Tsukuba, and won 4th place at the IRB Junior World Rugby Trophy 2013. Shifted to the scrum-half position after discussing it with his coach to capitalize on his strengths. He was vice-captain and a starter during his last year at Tsukuba. He also obtained his teaching certification to round out his academic resume.

After graduating from Tsukuba, he joined Toyota Industries Corporation in 2016 and joined their affiliate rugby team, the Toyota Industries Shuttles. On August 27 of the same year, he made his debut as a starter for the Shuttles in the first match of the Japan Rugby Top League season against the Toyota Verblitz. During his three years as a member of the Shuttles, he played in 28 matches and scored 15 points. In his second year, he went to study abroad in New Zealand. His experiences in New Zealand fueled his aspirations to play professionally, to test himself overseas, and to work to be selected for the Japanese national team.

After leaving Toyota Industries, he started a crowdfunding effort to publicize his goal of challenging himself to play overseas. With the support of 108 people in the fundraiser, he was able to set off for New Zealand. He trained with the Marists and the Chiefs and was selected for Waikato Development. He was unable to qualify as a member for the Miter 10 Cup. After returning to Japan in 2020, he joined the Sunwolves training team. He was promoted to the main squad prior to the start of the Super Rugby season in January of 2020. He made his debut when he was subbed in during the third match of the season against the Chiefs. The season was then temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak and was officially ended in June. He was selected as the Sunwolves’ “2020 Team Man of the Year”. Moving forward, he intends to take on the challenge of competing overseas.